One character trait that is necessary to be successful in life is confidence.  It allows us to stand up to the challenges that life throws at us with our head held high.  Those who lack confidence tend to be afraid to meet those challenges head on and that often leads to a life of stagnation.

As parents, teachers, and mentors, it is important for us to instill confidence in young people early on in their life.  Martial Arts training is a great way to start this process!

The Core of Confidence

Learning how to fall and get back up is the core of confidence in a person.  Martial Arts training allows children and adults alike to both physically and metaphorically fall down and get up time and time again.

In our school we practice “break-falls” which teach our students “how to fall” properly.  For a beginner, break-falls maybe painful and awkward.  They maybe a bit apprehensive to hit the mats hard.  However, if you watch their progression into the intermediate class and onto black belt, you will see an increase in confidence.  In order to see this, all you need to do is look at their starting position.  Beginners generally start in a seated position, intermediates tend to hop off the floor a bit, and the advanced students start in a standing position and jump into the break-fall.  Each stage of progression represents a growing confidence level in the student which will translate into their everyday habits over time.

You take a crash, you get back up and next time you succeed and that’s a great feeling. 
Shaun White

The metaphor above was not actually about falling, it was about getting up.  It was used to teach us that falling is only painful if we do it the wrong way.  And once you know how to fall, getting back up is easy.  Confidence is not about always being the best, strongest or smartest.  Confidence is about knowing that when you “fall”, you will be able to get back up and be OK.

Actively training in martial arts can help boost self-confidence from ages three to three hundred. At D3 Martial Arts, we like to think that each time you come to class you leave a more confident, well rounded person ready to face the challenges the world brings your way!