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Kids LOVE Our Martial Arts Classes in Palm Harbor!

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Our kids martial arts program offers fun, fast paced classes that will help your child develop discipline, focus, respect and confidence. Teachers and parents notice a difference almost immediately after kids enroll in our school. Our students become better listeners, are more willing to try new things, and get along better with their siblings and classmates!

Focus & Listening


Respect for Others


Self Discipline




Health & Fitness


The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Martial Arts Teaches Focus


Does your child sometimes struggle with being a good listener or being distracted? Our classes are specifically designed to help kids improve their listening and concentration skills.

Martial Arts Improves Grades


Martial arts training not only helps improve focus and listening, but teaches kids to have better discipline and not to give up when challenged. These skills quickly lead to better academic performance.

Martial Arts Prevents Bullying


One of the biggest benefits for children who train in the martial arts is higher levels of self-confidence. This helps kids to avoid becoming a target for bullies and gives them the tools they need to successfully cope with bullying if it does happen.

Martial Arts Keeps Kids Active


Each one of our martial arts classes are full of FUN, HIGH-ENERGY drills and exercises to keep your child active, healthy, and fit.

Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

Will martial arts training make my child violent?2018-08-18T10:00:16-04:00

Absolutely not. The fact is that martial arts training will actually help make your child less prone to violent or aggressive behavior. Our classes provides children with a positive outlet for this type of energy. Our instructors also constantly stress the importance of self control and respect for others.

What age is appropriate for a child to start?2018-08-18T10:02:05-04:00

Children of all ages can enjoy the benefits of martial arts training! We have classes available for students as young as 3 years old.

Will my child get hurt?2018-08-18T10:10:16-04:00

We take student safety very seriously at our school. Our facilities feature professional matting and safety equipment. There is always a chance for injury during any physical activity, but students who train in traditional martial arts are actually far less likely to get hurt than by participating in other sports.

Do you need to have any experience to start training?2018-08-18T10:38:58-04:00

No experience is necessary to get started. We offer classes specifically for beginners.

My child has ADD/ADHD. Is this a good program for them?2018-08-18T10:20:12-04:00

The structure and format of our classes actually make our program perfect for children with ADD/ADHD.

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