Let’s be clear: girls can do anything boys do.  By having mixed gender classes, it sets the example by showing there are no girl or boy sports. Each student is treated with the exact same amount of respect and advancement is based on skill set, not gender.

It is a common sight these days to see both girls and boys participating in the same activity.  They both have history of playing the same sports, but usually in all male or female leagues.  When it comes to martial arts classes however, that is not the case. 

As the world becomes increasingly dangerous every day, girls and women alike are often a predator’s main target.  Arming them with a good set of self-defense skills will not only help them recognize a dangerous situation but know how to react when one arises.  Being able to defend herself while growing up and into adulthood will give both her and her parent’s the feeling that their daughter is safe.

“Worldwide, one in three women experiences physical, sexual or emotional violence in her lifetime.”



Through martial arts training you will watch as her self-discipline and self-confidence soars!  She will be less vulnerable to bullying, peer pressure and low self-esteem growing up.  These characteristics will carry her very far in adult life.  The term “a man’s world” world, will not apply to her at all.  Martial Arts will help them achieve balance in their life through character development and teach them to not harbor their feelings.  

High praise and better scores in academia are also another positive outcome from girls who train in martial arts.  The goal oriented, self-motivated attitude their taught in class tends to transfer over to the outside world and keep them focused on what is important. 

Let us not forget the best reason for her involvement in martial arts: a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.  She will be making her entire body stronger each and every day she attends class.  The muscular and mental benefits martial arts go far beyond what people know.  They keep the body strong and provide a healthy self-image which will translate into more confidence in her everyday life.  Most girls and women involved in martial arts really put a twist on the old phrase: “Whatever you can do, I can do better”.